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About Genesa

Genesa Corp. is a visionary story that has been gaining momentum over the past 30 years, fueled by the personal and professional growth of Azucar J Lary, CPA, CA.

His vision of ‘empowerment’ and his inherent belief in providing a legacy platform that would empower his team, and provide a foundation for continuous growth and flow into the future, led to the birth of Genesa Corp., a “boutique” firm focused on guiding entrepreneurs, their businesses and their families, to the highest level of success.

About Azucar

Genesa is committed to changing the way service based professionals do business, by facilitating genuine and authentic connection with our clients, and their sphere of influence. We do this within our own firm to demonstrate that we are also willing to ‘walk our talk’ even in times when it would be easier to abandon our purpose.

“At Genesa, we are more than tax professionals, and you are more than just a client. We welcome you into our office and care about you as a person, at the same time providing you the expertise you are looking for. We want you to know that our goal is to make your goal a reality.”  

— Will, Business Operations


Meet the Team