Dabria Guo

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Chief Compliance Officer CPA, CGA

Dabria grew up in China and moved to Vancouver in 2009. Prior to her move, she graduated from Dongbei University of Finance and Economics which provided a CPA sponsored program. After moving to Vancouver, she furthered her studies and attained her Masters of Finance at
Simon Fraser University.

Dabria started with the firm in 2010 and has been influenced greatly from the cultural leadership of Azucar

“Genesa is really special — it is very different than other firms. Our culture and purpose and relationships with clients is unique. The teamwork and ways we work here make it a very positive environment. We really value building authentic relationships with our clients.” – Dabria

Her key strengths come from knowing her purpose, and this aligns perfectly with her role as senior accountant at Genesa. Her purpose becomes fulfilled from empowering people around her. She envisions a life not set by social standards, but one that comes from the true joy of servicing and helping others.

Dabria admires people who are innovative and creative, and the ones that can change the world through their passionate beliefs. She tries to learn from all people that inspire her, or align with her purpose. She looks up to entrepreneurs because they don’t know their idea will be a success but they take risks anyways and use all their resources to build their dreams.

Outside of work Dabria practices yoga – the meditation helps to keep her calm and focused. She is also a member of the Canadian Chinese Accounting Association.