James Anderson

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Staff Accountant

James was born and raised in Vancouver. Growing up he maintained an athletic focus to his lifestyle. Playing Rugby in high school and college he eventually transitioned into competitive road cycling with an intention of turning professional. The demands and extreme commitment of competing at the elite level of a demanding sport helped foster a discipline and devotion that has continued into his professional life.

James was raised by two small business owners. Growing up in the entrepreneurial world with a peripheral understanding of the demands and benefits of operating in that environment has further helped shape his approach to the profession.

James received a philosophy degree from Dalhousie University. Originally planning a legal career, his introduction to the accounting profession, coupled with the guidance of Azucar, led to his adventure into the accounting profession. As such, he currently studies in the CPA PREP program concurrent with his work at Genesa, with a goal of receiving the CPA designation in 3-5 years. His education in philosophy has been a valuable factor is his ability to approach accounting issues holistically and analyse with a sensitivity to the circumstances of the client, whether in the professional or relational sense.

James, whether through his athletic career experience, education, or growing professional aptitude has always maintained a focus on discipline, enthusiasm, and devotion as the key element in service to our clients.