Jenny Meng

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Staff Accountant

Jenny grew up in Mainland China with her older sister, and her parents who ran their own businesses. She always had an appreciation and curiosity for different cultures, which inspired her move to Vancouver, BC. Her family were very influential and supported her in this courageous decision to leave home on her own — they empowered her to be strong and independent.

She believes that ‘accounting’ is a cornerstone and essential to the strong foundation of any business. She is passionate about tackling financial challenges, and her role in public practice allows her to work with her clients on developing strategies and solutions for their different industries. She provides technical expertise in tax planning and compliance strategies.

Jenny sees entrepreneurship as ways you “empower yourself’ – courageously and creatively taking the initiative in your own life. It’s a willingness to take risk and create something from nothing. She looks up to Michelle Obama, and aligns with her views to make the world a better place by developing programs for minorities, and fighting for gender equality.

“Our GENESA team believes in empowering strong leadership of your own life, and helping businesses to develop to their full potential. We partner with our clients, supporting both financial and personal goals, building an authentic relationship as your most trusted ally.” –Jenny

In her spare time, she enjoys oil paintings which enables her to relax her mind, and use her creativity in different ways.