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Kevin Zhao, CPA, CGA

Kevin grew up in a city northeast of Bejing with his parents and older brother. At age 20 he left his family, and first moved to Kitchener, Ontario before venturing to the west coast.

Prior to completing his Financial Management Program at Langara, he was enrolled in computer science but quickly realized it was not his forte. Kevin graduated with Honors, and continued his career development as a Trust Analyst at a large North American firm. In 2007 Kevin was hired at Alan J. Lary Inc., and has spent 10 years working under the guidance and leadership of Azucar Lary. He’s seen the growth of the firm and believes this is the time for Genesa to dig deeper into its greater potential.

“How we do accounting, service people, and create authentic relationships is unique, and we want to set an example for the accounting industry to show how it should be done. We are proud that 98% of our clients stay with us. They meet us in our shared philosophy and we progress together to each reach a higher potential. On the journey, we are trusted advisors and true friends. We empower them and ourselves through genuine service.” — Kevin

Kevin leads through his attitude and accountability, and believes this is key to achieving your vision. Kevin works hard passing this on to his team – his technical expertise, relationship experience, sharing his values and knowledge, setting the pace for the Genesa client experience. Technically driven, he ensures the right blend of expertise for the client teams. As the senior accountant, he is involved in developing clarity and vision for the clients, and leads the growth of the business.

Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King are two leaders that Kevin looks up to. They fight for human rights, and never quit no matter what the universe throws at them. This is how he defines entrepreneurs — they put it all on the table, showing leadership and risking it all for their vision. Kevin likes to hike, and also enjoys reading and loves to travel. He believes that humans should each explore their own truths, and practice and live those truths on your own path.

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