Vanessa Luu

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Marketing and Events Director

Vanessa grew up in Victoria, BC surrounded by her immediate and extended family. Being an only child has shaped her into being independent and always aiming to break boundaries within herself. She is strongly influenced by her Vietnamese culture and also her Canadian environment.

Growing up, Vanessa loved the arts including acting and modeling. At 19 she courageously left home and drove to Los Angeles where she pursued this passion, and through the experience she grew more confident. Eventually she moved back to BC where she was in search for a different path of empowerment. This lead to enrolling in BCIT; here she found a program where she could apply her creativity, and love of public speaking, combined with her interests in business development. She believed business development was a way she could empower others to find their purpose and develop their ideas.

To her, entrepreneurship means being a leader, being committed to making a difference, and using knowledge to empower others. She believes Genesa is a place where she can expand on her ideas and apply her creativity to the fullest potential. Aligning deeply with the core values, she feels her greatest impact is her ability to have compassion for others, and to empower them. She is always looking for new ways to develop the team culture and wants clients to feel the warmth as soon as they walk through the doors.

Vanessa manages the marketing, communications, events, and team culture. Her goal is to make others aware of the impact that Genesa can have in their lives, and establish Genesa’s differentiation.

“Accounting firms are very technical, but Genesa is also very relational. We don’t just do our clients taxes, we have a relationship with them, and we empower them to grow to achieve their goals.”