Vivienne Shi

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Staff Accountant

Vivienne grew up in Chengdu, China with parents who had a positive influence on the direction she had in life due to their support for her independence and curiosity of the world.

She was 17 when she started her journey abroad by making a life-changing move to Hamilton, Ontario where she attended her last year of high school. After finishing school, she courageously made another move across the country to Vancouver where she completed her Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Accounting at UBC. After completing her degree, she had a goal to work at a company that aligned with her values, which meant a company that operated with a passion and purpose for their clients. She found her place at Genesa Corp. with a team that is always willing to help one another, grow together, and share life experiences.

One of her greatest strengths is putting herself in another person’s shoes to be able to connect with them on a deeper level. Her greatest strength also ties into her professional life because she believes in order to find the best solution for a client – you must be empathetic.

“You have to have passion about your job in order to provide excellent service. You need creativity and empathy in order to provide solutions. Aside from the technical services that Genesa offers, we also want to help you get your vision clear so you can reach your full potential.”