Story of an Entrepreneur: Reflection of Myself

Sticking to fundamental values in business connections

Transitioning through stages in life is a process that tests your entire truth, and one of the most pressing thoughts that surfaces is how you are able to serve others while staying honest to yourself. Dora Kamau is the founder of Bliss Your Heart, a women’s organization that encourages in-depth talk about mental self-care and nurturing. Building connections through genuine and honest conversation is a cornerstone of the organization, and the result is a safe place for women to give and reciprocate their energy.

“I was in a transitional period and I wanted to make a change without becoming disconnected from myself – I wanted to keep the playfulness while still having fulfilling conversation.”

Being part of a group that has a common purpose doesn’t mean that everyone has to be the same, but it does mean that everyone is committed to something bigger than themselves. Being in an environment that supports your growth is crucial and rather than feeling disconnected from yourself in transition – you end up feeling much more connected to who you truly are.

“It was an extremely difficult transition, and I had to be honest and accept where I was starting out from. You need to accept where you came from to become your highest self.”

We all come from different journeys of life, and we will continue to travel different journeys but through vulnerability and genuine connection – we realize that we all come from very similar wounds. Imagine using everyone you meet as a mirror for the things you need to work on rather than reacting from a place of judgement. All wounds are integral parts of growth contributing to who we are and the potential of who we will be.

So, how do you serve others while staying honest to yourself?

“Walking with integrity and knowing that I only preach what I’m living up to. I use it as a guide to my day and my steps are based on what I am able to practice. I know that I still struggle with creating boundaries and understanding when to commit myself to certain things. I’ve learned to grow from my flaws and be ready to receive and give whatever comes my way.”

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