Business Resolutions: Our Top Picks for the New Year

A New Year is the perfect opportunity to try out new tactics to accomplishing new goals — or even ongoing goals from the past. When it comes to being an entrepreneur, things can be a bit hectic year-round. However, now’s a great time to force yourself to slow down and consider what you want this year to look like. Setting new year’s resolutions isn’t just about going to the gym more or eating healthier, it can also be about your business and how you want it to operate. So what are the top areas you should be considering when setting your business resolutions for 2020? Check out some of our recommendations. 


Consistency & Planning


A lot of entrepreneurs feel too reactive. This is especially an issue when it comes to their brand messaging or business strategy. One of the best resolutions you can focus on this year is developing a more consistent schedule or plan for your marketing and communication with your target audience. Having a clear plan with key, measurable milestones along the way is a vital part of your business’ success and the success of any resolution.




We’re huge fans of using technology to your advantage as a business owner or entrepreneur. Consider automating as many processes at your company as possible to save you time and money. You can automate customer funnels and the marketing process so that e-mails or specific ads and messaging are going out to potential customers when they’re most relevant. Or automate your invoicing process, your companies payroll process, and even use a digital project management system to track projects and tasks within your team.


Communicate Smarter


As an entrepreneur, you often serve as a kind of mentor to the members of your team. A mentor is only as good as their ability to communicate clearly and effectively. You can never be too good at communicating, so this is an excellent resolution for every single year. 

Another big part of effective communication is utilizing it in sectors of your business unrelated to your standard listening skills. Consider going into meetings with clear agendas to prevent those 2-hour long meetings where nothing is accomplished. 

A big part of communicating smarter for an entrepreneur or mentor is delegating. Delegating is not about simply barking orders. A big part of effective delegating is knowing how to communicate your expectations in an inspiring manner and then allowing your team to deliver without micro-managing them. How good are you currently at delegating tasks to your team? Could you e better this year?


Network & Learn


Networking is a huge part of business. Join a local entrepreneurial group or hire a business mentor this year to help you expand your circle and your knowledge as an entrepreneur and leader. Networking not only helps you to reach into other potential markets, but it’s also a way of finding support from like-minded entrepreneurs who could offer valuable insight and a fresh perspective.


Prioritize Your life


Part of being a successful entrepreneur is being a happy and balanced individual. This means you are going to have to leave work sometimes and focus on you. This works out perfectly because we’re sure you have some personal resolutions you’re hoping to focus on this year. Make sure you prioritize yourself and get those “me-time” moments in your calendar so you can’t merely work through them.

Let’s make 2020 the year your business really starts getting ahead and you become the entrepreneur and mentor you’ve dreamt of being. At Genesa, we do more than just your accounting. We also offer business coaching and support to help you accomplish those goals and new year’s resolutions. Give us a call today to make this year a great one.