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Story of an Entrepreneur: Courage

Learning is one of those things you will do your whole life regardless of all the experience you have and a brilliant trait in many entrepreneurs is the want to seek more knowledge and feedback. That translates directly into how far you’re willing to take your vision regardless of your fear of failure. Nathaly Nairn [...]

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Story of an Entrepreneur: Reflection of Myself

Transitioning through stages in life is a process that tests your entire truth, and one of the most pressing thoughts that surfaces is how you are able to serve others while staying honest to yourself. Dora Kamau is the founder of Bliss Your Heart, a women’s organization that encourages in-depth talk about mental self-care and [...]

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Story of an Entrepreneur: Living the Example

October 6th, 2014; this was the date that Nishyarth Prasad and business partner Pranav Pai officially opened 154 Breakfast Club, which is now ranked 2nd best breakfast restaurant in (Bangalore), India. Cultural and community boundaries were some of the most difficult to break through for Nish, but there was a vision born all because Nishyarth [...]

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Counteracting Resistance to Leadership Development

Developing leadership skills is essential to a healthy and balanced work environment. Many times, you will notice resistance from others around you due to personal habits and preference. So, how do you counteract resistance to leadership development and change perspective? Sometimes, it can be as simple as planting seeds - no, not literally planting seeds! [...]

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Story of an Entrepreneur: a Greater Purpose, a Common Goal

When you have a vision for your business, it’s often very difficult to get others to see the value in your decisions. Why? Well often, minds are only influenced by decisions in which they see a tangible tie to increase in revenue. For Franco Federico, visionary founder of Workshop Salon, decisions influenced by revenue is [...]

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Two P’s – Passion & Purpose, or Profit & Power?

Purpose, to connect two opposite ends of the spectrum – business and personal life. This isn’t about bringing all your personal topics into the workplace, but rather doing business with your moral compass and implementing your set of values into your business practice. It’s about turning your passion into your purpose. In April 2017, there [...]

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Vulnerability — To be fully present to your team and everyone around you

Genesa CPA Corp. is a group of enthusiastic individuals who share a common purpose and are strongly driven by passion. The alignment of purpose isn’t easy to arrive to but by projecting our core values as a genuine tactic to do business, we have been able to retain authentic and talented staff to serve our [...]

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