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Genesa is the coded matrix of life force, directly related to the living energy moving in all forms of growth, development, and change. It represents the process of precise, meaningful movements that we can harmonize physical, emotional, mental and vital aspects of living, and tune into our greater selves.

Our goal is to empower our clients and ourselves through authenticity, passion, compassion and deeply connected relationships where everyone sees and owns their value — in so doing we all reach greater heights of success and fulfilment in our business and personal lives.


“How we do accounting, how we service people, how we create genuine relationships with our clients is unique, and we want to set an example for the accounting industry to show how it should be done. We are proud that 98% of our clients stay with us. They meet us in our shared philosophy and we progress together to each reach a higher potential.”

— Kevin, CPA, CGA


We are your technical experts and trusted advisors
— providing insight, clarity and the blue print.

We believe that our clients come first and our foundational principles and core practices reflect the way we build a relationship with you. The first step is a face to face meeting with one of our Senior Accountants where we determine whether there is a good fit, and whether our services, values and expertise fit who you are. In most cases this includes a technical assessment as we gain important knowledge about you, and your requirements.


We build a relationship with every client
— we empower our clients and ourselves through genuine service.

Then, working collaboratively with you, your partners, family or team, and any other professional advisors, we will make sure you are supported with the right people, expertise, information and service within our firm to ensure that you can achieve your goals.


We believe in co-leadership — we guide and inspire you to unleash your passion and full potential as a leader in your own life.

We will help you understand different options based on what your situation requires, and what your goals are. We will outline advantages, limitations, and risks of the various strategies and recommend services to you. Once a strategy is agreed upon, we will then work together to take the course of action that leads to your greatest possible success.

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