Story of an Entrepreneur: Courage

Sticking to fundamental values in business purpose

Learning is one of those things you will do your whole life regardless of all the experience you have and a brilliant trait in many entrepreneurs is the want to seek more knowledge and feedback. That translates directly into how far you’re willing to take your vision regardless of your fear of failure.

Nathaly Nairn is the visionary and co-founder behind Windfall Cider, and prior to this venture she was part of the creative duo that launched Betterwith Ice Cream, and also worked in senior hospitality management for over 10 years. Now, as the driver of her own brand, culture, and business – she has the full capacity to take her vision in the direction she thrives for. But even with experience under her belt, as for many entrepreneurs – it’s usually not their first rodeo – are the fears and doubts still there?

“My biggest doubt going into Windfall was doubting if I was really an entrepreneur. I mean, do I have what it takes? I’ve been managing a long time, just under someone else’s umbrella.”

This brings the question, “what does being an entrepreneur really mean?” Well… it’s defined as someone willing to risk time and money to make a profit, and while that is also true in technical terms – you must also be a leader, be fully committed, and be willing to share knowledge. Doing something you’re passionate about with financial restraints versus doing something you’re not passionate about with financial restraints is the difference between commitment and compromise.

“Failure doesn’t scare me; I’m not afraid of this not working. I’m afraid of not having enough money to take it where it needs to be but my passion has made it much easier to get past my doubts.”

The next time you have fear and doubt drowning your thoughts, remember your intention and introduce it to your purpose. You know what they say, “courage is seeing the fear but doing it anyway.”

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