Vulnerability — To be fully present to your team and everyone around you

Business strength

Genesa CPA Corp. is a group of enthusiastic individuals who share a common purpose and are strongly driven by passion for business growth. The alignment of purpose isn’t easy to arrive to but by projecting our core values as a genuine tactic to do business, we have been able to retain authentic and talented staff to serve our clients at the highest level. Culture building within corporations is relatively a new concept that has begun to differentiate businesses from one another and has become a strong avenue for employee retention.

So, what are the exercises we do to embody the core principles in which we hold so dearly? To be fully present to your team and everyone around you; one must start within.

Every Monday, a quote gets emailed out to our internal team members and also those externally who have requested for us to do so. The quotes are related to empowerment, success, struggle, letting go, overcoming, and self-compassion. The team is encouraged to reply with how they relate to the quote whether it be a past or present experience. At the end of the week, we all come together to discuss this quote and how it ties into our purpose – individually and as a team. This is where the conversations begin that shift the planet. So, how does this effect the team? We are able to express ourselves, be vulnerable, and come together as a team where individuals are self-aware; therefore, able to have compassion for one another. We understand that not everyone is on the same level of self-expression but the safety is created by allowing team members to express themselves rather than forcing them to.

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So how does our team share a common purpose but still practice individualism?

Envision represents technical, Empower represents relationship, Energize represents co-leadership. The three E’s that represent our core principles. We understand that people may feel connected to one core principle more than the other, so we give them the freedom to represent one word that they resonate with the most.

The three E’s including their meanings were presented on a sheet of paper (in black and white) to each team member. They were told to read carefully because they will be held accountable for the word they choose. Afterwards, it was revealed that the colour attached to the word they chose will become the colour on the back of their business cards!

Check out each team member’s LinkedIn to see what word they chose!

Any organization or small business with a strong corporate culture that leads with its core principles will attract leaders with the same values. When someone is an authentic leader, they are a leader at heart. Authentic leaders value themselves and that will show up in how they serve others. Your staff are your most valuable marketing tool and will serve as your greatest brand ambassadors. These vulnerable conversations will lead your team to breaking boundaries and reaching full potential personally and corporately.