Story of an Entrepreneur: Before the Big Picture

Vancouver business consultant

Wanting to see instant results, not knowing where to start, and losing determination are adversities that many, if not most entrepreneurs face. Being an entrepreneur takes a mindset, but succeeding as an entrepreneur takes a lifestyle. It takes determination, self-awareness, and most importantly, patience. It can be difficult to embrace the journey if all you can focus on is when you will arrive. There are many steps, and challenges you will face before arriving to the big picture, but even then, you never really arrive. As an entrepreneur, it never stops at the big picture you had in mind because if you are passionate about what you do, the picture will only keep getting bigger.

Joe Mallozzi, creator of Dark Matter is a successful and dedicated entrepreneur who turned his lifelong passion into his greatest muse. Writing was something Joe knew he loved since he was young, and this love was brought on with the love of reading his mother instilled in him.

“I really enjoyed science fiction, so my mother would get me books which shaped my mindset and I ended up creating science fiction.”

Joe knew what his passion was, and he knew what he wanted to do with it but he also knew that it was going to take time to get there. So, he started where he was given opportunity by others, but this wasn’t where he wanted to be yet, so what pushed him to commit?

“This industry is 1/3 talent, 1/3 connections, and 1/3 luck. I sent out hundreds of resumes, I got one company that decided to give me a chance, and that’s how I got my foot in the door. Writing animation was something I never thought I would do, but I remade a career for myself doing so, and then I transitioned to writing live action; honing my craft, making connections. The transition wasn’t too difficult because I was happy to start off in animation even though I knew I wanted to do live action. I was one of the top paid animation writers, but when I transitioned to write for Stargate, I even took a pay cut because I had gone as far as I could in animation, and I knew this would be a good move for my career.”

Advice from Joe Mallozzi; one entrepreneur to another.

“One of the first things I learned is to be kind to the people you pass on your way up because you may be passing them again on your way down, or vice versa. Be mindful, everyone is the same. Sure, you’ve got more opportunity but it’s about equality.”