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Azucar Lary

Azucar graduated with honours from Ryerson University in Toronto in 1981, and shortly after moved to Vancouver where he joined a “Big 4” accounting firm. From 1990 – 1995, in the capacity of an Income Tax Partner, Azucar became a respected leader in the Vancouver CPA industry. During his years with the firm, he [...]

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James Anderson

James was born and raised in Vancouver. Growing up he maintained an athletic focus to his lifestyle. Playing Rugby in high school and college he eventually transitioned into competitive road cycling with an intention of turning professional. The demands and extreme commitment of competing at the elite level of a demanding sport helped foster [...]

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Jenny Meng

Jenny grew up in Mainland China with her older sister, and her parents who ran their own businesses. She always had an appreciation and curiosity for different cultures, which inspired her move to Vancouver, BC. Her family were very influential and supported her in this courageous decision to leave home on her own -- [...]

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Will Moore

Will was born and raised in the city Ajax, Ontario, and spent much of his time exploring nature in Coe Hill, Ontario. In his younger years, he spent a lot of time with his Aunt and Uncle who were instrumental in his development. They taught him about commitment, caring, perseverance and hard work, and [...]

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Kevin Zhao

Kevin grew up in a city northeast of Bejing with his parents and older brother. At age 20 he left his family, and first moved to Kitchener, Ontario before venturing to the west coast. Prior to completing his Financial Management Program at Langara, he was enrolled in computer science but quickly realized it was [...]

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Dabria Guo

Dabria grew up in China and moved to Vancouver in 2009. Prior to her move, she graduated from Dongbei University of Finance and Economics which provided a CPA sponsored program. After moving to Vancouver, she furthered her studies and attained her Masters of Finance at Simon Fraser University. Dabria started with the firm in [...]

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Vivienne Shi

Vivienne grew up in Chengdu, China with parents who had a positive influence on the direction she had in life due to their support for her independence and curiosity of the world. She was 17 when she started her journey abroad by making a life-changing move to Hamilton, Ontario where she attended her last [...]

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Vanessa Luu

Vanessa grew up in Victoria, BC surrounded by her immediate and extended family. Being an only child has shaped her into being independent and always aiming to break boundaries within herself. She is strongly influenced by her Vietnamese culture and also her Canadian environment. Growing up, Vanessa loved the arts including acting and modeling. [...]

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Danial Sayadi

Danial joined Genesa Corp. after achieving his accounting degree from BCIT and is on his way towards a CPA designation. He enjoys challenges and believes his greatest strength comes from his passion of helping others. “If I know of something that may be able to benefit someone else’s life, I will let them know.” [...]

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