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Genesa CPA

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Genesa CPA is a boutique Chartered Professional Accountancy firm located in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia. We offer a unique style of client partnership while providing expert financial consulting, tax preparation and accounting services.

Our accounting services go beyond the scope of just business, because life is more complicated than that. Your family, your home, your employees and your business overlap, and successful strategies need to be developed in a way that can envision the full scope of your world. Genesa is focused on guiding entrepreneurs, their businesses and their families, to the highest level of success by developing a holistic approach to achieving your goals.


Genesa Chartered Professional Accountants Corp.

745 Thurlow Street
#460 Vancouver, BC
V6E 0C5

Phone (604) 669-8696


Fax (604) 669-1477

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Whether your needs are for advice on tax planning, business planning, corporate finance strategy, or other complex business and financial matters, the Genesa team will help you achieve your goals.

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