Team-Building Activities Your Employees Will WANT to Participate In (Part One)

team building is important for a reason

We all dream of planning and participating in one of those team-building activities that won’t leave you feeling like a zoo animal on display. You know what we mean — an activity that’s fun and informative instead of uncomfortable and poorly-planned. Team-building activities can either be boom or bust. However, one thing to remember is to offer your employees the freedom to have fun with it, whatever “it” ends up being. Here are just a few of our favourite team-building activities that have the potential to BOOM!


Easy Indoor Team-Building Activities

If you’re looking for activities that take very little planning and can be done in the office, these are your go-to options:

Two Truths & a Lie

An oldie but a goodie. This is a great ice breaker game for a team that doesn’t know everyone well or for the team that does know each other but not that well. 

Equipment: Nothing!

People: 5+

How To Play: One at a time, have everyone share two truths and a lie about themselves and have the rest of the group guess which is the lie. This is an excellent way for your team to practice speaking in front of a group as well as getting to know each other. 

Back of the Napkin

This is a fantastic team-building activity to get the creative juices flowing without any pressure. Pose a problem to your team and offer them a napkin to solve it — much like many start-ups. 

Equipment: Napkin and pens

People: Best to have at least 4 groups of 2-4 people

How To Play: Give the groups all an open-ended problem for them to creatively solve. Each group will come up with a solution on their napkin. These solutions will then be pitched to the larger group, and a winning solution will be voted on by all involved. This activity is great for innovation, creativity, and teamwork as well as practicing a pitch. 

What’s My Name?

This fun party game is a great way to practice communication and get your team introducing themselves, even if it’s the wrong name.

Equipment: Paper with names on them stuck to a person’s back or forehead. 

People: Best played with 10+ people

How to Play: Players are all given the name of a famous person or a figure in history, and it’s fastened to them in a way that they can’t see the person’s name. They then interact with other members of the group asking questions like, “Am I alive or dead?” until they can figure out “who they are.” 

Barter Puzzle

Have you ever wondered what doing a puzzle under pressure with missing pieces would do to your team? This is the activity for you. 

Equipment: Easy jigsaw puzzles 

People: At least 4 groups of 2-4 people

How To Play: Divide your team into smaller groups and give each group a jigsaw puzzle to solve. The trick is that each puzzle has some pieces from other jigsaws. Each group will have to barter with other groups to get the pieces they need to solve their puzzle. This could mean giving up a player or trading pieces. The first team to solve their puzzle wins. Talk about problem-solving skills!


These activities only scratch the surface! Don’t let team building be a nerve-wracking for you or your employees. Team-building exercises don’t have to be something everyone’s going to dread! Check back next month for part two where we delve into team-building activities that take you outside the office. And for more guidance on leadership development, contact our team today to find out how we can help.


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