When Can I Claim a Tuition Credit in British Columbia?

Image of tuition form and calculator

You can claim the fees you pay for courses at:

  • a Canadian university or college
  • a post-secondary school in Canada (including CEGEP in Quebec)
  • an educational institution outside Canada if the course runs for at least three weeks

Any post-secondary school, including a university, college or school teaching skills

You can claim tuition and education amounts for any post-secondary school, including a university, college or school teaching skills in British Columbia. If you attended an educational institution outside Canada and want to know if these courses qualify for this credit, feel free to speak to one of our advisors.

A university outside Canada if the course lasts at least three weeks

You can claim tuition fees for a course that lasts at least three weeks, or if it begins inside Canada, moves location, and lasts at least three weeks.

The course must be university level, so no high school courses are allowed.

You can’t claim tuition if you’re already enrolled in an undergraduate program at a Canadian institution. If your employer pays for an upgrade program (like going from an office assistant to being an executive assistant), you can claim those costs if the employer includes the tuition amount in the employee’s earnings.

An educational institution offering courses at the post-secondary level that is certified by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) to offer such courses

If you are attending a post-secondary educational institution, then you can claim tuition credits.

The type of courses offered by an educational institution determines whether it will be considered a “post-secondary” institution for tax purposes. The following are examples of types of courses that count as being offered at the post-secondary level:

  • Courses leading to university degrees (bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate)
  • Trades school, college, art school
  • Engineering, applied science and technology (including architecture), agriculture and natural resources studies

The tuition tax credit can be a great way to save money on your education. If you’re planning on studying in Canada, make sure to keep track of all of your tuition costs so that you can claim them when filing your taxes.