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Small Business Accountants

From marketing to production to project management, small business owners wear a lot of hats. Luckily, accounting doesn’t have to be one of them. At Genesa CPA, we offer a team of accountants experienced in consulting with small business owners. Whether you’re looking to strategize, maximize your deductibles, or simply learn more about your business’s finances, we’d love to chat with you.

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Why choose us?

  • Small business tax preparation

    Tax season is stressful as a small business owner – tax planning can help. At Genesa CPA, we can minimize your tax liability.

  • Sell & purchase a business

    Looking to purchase a business? Allow us to help secure financing .

  • Corporate reorganization

    Withdrawing shareholders, mergers, estate freezes and succession planning can lead to a lot of confusion come tax season. Our accountants can assist in your tax preparation.

  • Cash projection

    Maybe you’re looking for someone who can tell the story of your business and the direction it could be heading. Our small business tax accountants can help.

Accountant do reports for a small business in Vancouver

What does an accountant do for a small business?

An accountant understands the entire financial system of your business. They provide financial analysis, strategy, projections, and advice regarding the revenue growth or loss of your business. If you’re hoping to grow your business and have a solid understanding of your finances, an accountant is an excellent investment.


Bookkeeping is important if you hope to understand where your business’s money is moving. Our small business accountants will track where your money moves so you can have a clearer picture of your business’s growth.

Personal Tax Return

Dreading your annual taxes? Allow us to step in. Our team of small business tax accountants are fully equipped to assist you in completing your T4, T4A, and more.

Small Business Taxes

We can help you file your T2 business tax return as well as assist with other documentation.

Tax Preparations

Our licensed accountants can assist with your lead up to tax season (so it’s less of a big deal when it happens)!

Steps Process

There are 8 steps in an accounting process:

  1. Identifying the transactions,
  2. Recording transactions,
  3. Post in ledger,
  4. Generating an unadjusted “trial balance report”,
  5. Preparing worksheets,
  6. Adjusting entries,
  7. Generating financial statements, and, finally,
  8. Closing the books.

We can help you with all of this.

Benefits of Hiring A Business Accounting Firm in Vancouver

There are many benefits of hiring a business accounting firm in Vancouver. The bottom line keeps your business alive and growing, a good accountant is able to advise and strategize your business’s financial planning for the future. This is especially true for small businesses with smaller profit margins—a good accountant can make a world of a difference. Get prepared for tax season and set up your business for success with one of our small business accountants today.


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